Sod Page

Paradise Garden Center carries several varieties of sod.  Your selection should be carefully considered and based on the following factors:  Durability, soil conditions, climate, water requirements, ease of maintenance, amount of traffic, type of usage area and cost. As a rule of thumb, here in southern California the most popular type of turf grass used is Semi-dwarf fescue.  Most residences use this grass because it stays green all year (it’s classified as a cool season grass, because it does not go dormant).  Fescue lawns stand up well to everyday use and are great for family play areas and require moderate amounts of water.  Hybrid Bermuda on the other hand is more durable, requires less water and tolerates extreme heat.  The only drawback with Bermuda / warm season grasses is that they generally go dormant and need to be over-seeded in the winter months to maintain a green look. Remember sod is perishable, and it is recommended that it be planted the day of delivery. All of our sod and nursery products can be delivered directly to your home or job site.  Ask about our free delivery !

AG Sod Farms – Elite Plus: Our most popular cool season turf grass is a blend of improved fescue and bluegrass which has year-round dark green color.  The plus is that it will gradually repair minor damage without the need for over seeding.  It is easy to care for and requires a standard rotary lawn mower.

AG Sod Farms- Hybrid Bermuda: Using an estimated 25% less water than cool season grasses, Bermuda is very drought tolerant.  It spreads rapidly to provide a dense turf that is ideal for sports fields, backyard putting greens and high traffic areas. Hybrid Bermuda will require a reel type mower and possible over seeding in the winter.

AG Sod Farms-  St. Augustine:  This warm season grass is best suited for shady areas, yet also very drought tolerant.  With a course leaf texture and robust creeping growth habit, St. Augustine is a durable and reliable grass.

Southland Sod – Marathon III : Is and extra dwarf fescue, mainly used ornamentally where there is low activity and traffic. Marathon III grows much shorter than normal fescue and requires less mowing.

Dichondra: A specialty lawn or ground cover with a distinctive, round-leaved texture.  Dichondra is mainly used in decorative gardens and between stepping stones.  Very temperamental, shade tolerant and not needing to be mowed, dichondra will offer a green look year round.