Bulk Products

Paradise Garden Center carries a full line selection of bulk materials that can be picked up here at Paradise or delivered directly to your home or job site. All bulk materials are sold by the cubic yard. When ordering bulk materials you can easily formulate the quantity needed for your project.  Multiply the length, times the width, of your area and then divide that product by 160.  This formula will give you the volume needed  to cover an area 2” thick.  (If you need to cover 4” thick, then divide by 80)

Landscape Mix– A 50% blend of sandy loam topsoil and wood shavings.  Landscape mix is generally used in areas where it is impractical to rototill.

Organic Landscape Mix– a blend of the same soil, with organic compost. Mainly used when building raised vegetable gardens or planting food baring plants and trees.

Cactus Mix– Our unique secret blend specially formulated for growing cactus and succulents.  After years of research, Paradise has formulated this proprietary special soil just for your drought tolerant plant species.

Tree Mix– Another one of our special blend of soils formulated for filling your decorative pottery and plant containers.  Available only at Paradise!

Organic Compost– This unique soil amendment has been formulated for conditioning the toughest native soils in the inland empire.  Ideal for use in vegetable gardens.

Forest Floor Mulch– This blend of wood shavings is ideal for a topdressing and weed barrier.  The consistency of our forest floor mulch makes it outstanding for covering slopes and large landscaped areas.

Walk on Bark– When you have a high visibility decorative garden or a children’s play ground, our walk on bark would be best suited.  Used in the same manner as our forest floor mulch, only more decorative and with the aroma of fresh cedar!  This premium product is imported from the mountains of Idaho.

Washed Sand– This product can be used in a number of various applications, from children’s tot lot and play areas, golf sand traps to planting palm trees. We carry several types of sand.

Decorative Gravel – Paradise Garden Center carries the largest selection of colored rock in the Riverside area.  From the southwest Tucson Gold to the San Onofre smooth beach cobble.  Our varieties are sure to meet all your rock requirements.  Drop by and visit us to see this large selection.

Decomposed Granite– If you need a nature trail, garden path or an extended driveway, then you might want to consider decomposed granite.  A somewhat course material that resembles sand, DG is found in a variety of colors and textures.  Water conservation is of the utmost importance here in southern California, and substituting planted turf areas with DG is an attractive alternative also.