Boulders and Stones

Granite Boulders- There’s nothing quite like having decorative boulders in your landscape. From the desert southwest look to the tropical koi pond and waterfall, our selection of giant 6-feet wide boulders to medium side river rock will surely be to your liking. There are many applications in landscape where rock can make an attractive alternative to plants.

Flagstone- Flagstone is a sedimentary rock that is split into layers and is quarried into thin slabs usually about two inches thick. There are many textures and colors to choose from and numerous applications for its use. The beauty of a natural flagstone patio or pool deck is unmistakable and truly an exquisite display of craftsmanship. Paradise Garden Center has been fortunate to acquire some of the finest flagstone products in the world and we encourage you to consider this marvelous paving texture for your landscape project.

Stacked Ledger Stone- If you are building masonry pilasters, decorative garden walls or an outdoor BBQ center, the finest texture you can use is a natural stacked ledger stone. The wonderful California Mission look or the Tuscan Wine Country look is authenticated when this fabulous stone is incorporated in your landscape. Paradise has many ledger stone varieties to meet all your creative ideas.

Touchstone Artificial Boulders- Landscape boulders and rock are always a nice touch to your landscape, but the sheer weight of natural rock can sometimes be impractical to move or the location may require heavy equipment to install them. At a fraction of the weight of natural stone and the extremely realistic look, artificial boulders may be the answer for you! We are one of the premier dealers of artificial boulders in California.